Blogwars 1

June 4, 2006

I'll be writing a lot in here about blogwars because that is one area of crisis management that is keeping me busy and I suspect a lot more of us in the wild business. The blogosphere is wide, wide open with little to no controls and with an established culture that celebrates the angry activist, the loud screamers, the axe-grinder willing to do anything and say anything about a person or company who has ticked him or her off. And that means lots and lots of companies and individuals involved in those companies are finding themselves the topic of blogtalk. Not so much a problem except when the target is high profile and blogger knows how to get traffic–partly by picking on a high profile target.

Companies are suddenly finding that this kind of activity can have a direct and terrifying impact on their business. People do go to the web for information these days, you know. And when they read info negative about the company, and not being in the best position to separate truth from fiction, they can make unfair judgments based on what they read. At that up a few hundred times, thousand times of hundreds of thousands of times and you can have serious impact on a business.

I call it blogwars. And there can be some very interesting battles.

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