Brand values

June 7, 2006

Reputation protection and enhancement is what crisis management is about–particularly crisis communication. And that means brand value. From a corporate standpoint, potential impact on the brand value is what keeps CEOs awake at night as they contemplate the bad things that can happen.

If you are interested in a quick and easy way to check on brand value, go to This market research firm tracks measures of brand value on 1149 brands in 32 sectors. They say "all brands" but mine isn't on there and chances are yours isn't either. If it is, clearly your organization has brand recognition and therefore crisis exposure of a pretty high level.

Folks in the PR industry (See PR News, April 24, 2006) are using Yougov brand index as a means of evaluating whether or not a companies PR efforts are effective. This issue highlights the considerable difference between the social conscious brands of The Body Shop and Tom's of Maine as they managed their mergers with corporate giants. Very interesting.

A quick view of the headlines on Yougov's site also provides a good indication of brands under stress. I'll be using this to comment on some of these companies in trouble and what those responsible for protecting that brand value are doing right or wrong and what they could be doing better.

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