Ebay and Google look set to square off

July 6, 2006

My guess is ebay is going to fold on this one soon. According to this story in auctionbytes.com, ebay won’t allow its users to use Google’s new pay system Google Checkout.

Well of course not, since Google Checkout seems pretty well aimed at ebay’s Paypal. But here is a clear example of where business strategy conflicts with internet culture and values. We are still in a time where openness will win the day almost every time in my view. So ebay is between a rock and a hard place and something is going to get squeezed.

What will be interesting to me is to see how they try to defend this position and the impact it will have on their reputation.


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  1. duxle Says:

    I am comfortable using ebay’s Paypal. However, if Google Checkout has more edge than the former, I am willing to use the latter. As of now, I am using Paypal. Nonetheless, I think I will use both system in the future.

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