Video or not?

July 11, 2006

The linked story talks about the growing use of video on the web.
Video use growing story in LA Times.

The future was highlighted by Robert Scoble leaving his post at Microsoft to go to which is in the video podcasting business.

The question for those involved in crisis management and reputation management is how to use video as part of their efforts.

The comment in the linked story from CNet is important. Video is not always necessary or appropriate. Gratuitous use of video will not only not help, it will hurt. So, video should be used only if it contributes to the communication effort. Does it make the message more interesting, compelling, complete, accurate, understandable?

The US Coast Guard uses video frequently and very appropriately in my mind. They use it to show rescues and the work that they are doing to keep our borders and waters safe. It tells stories that simply can’t be conveyed in words alone. Go to almost any of the district public affairs websites and you will see what I mean.

Which raises one issue. As a communicator, can you quickly and very easily process and upload video to your organization’s website? If not, get to work on it.


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