Add Dell to the list of corporate bloggers

July 12, 2006

Dell is taking an interesting team approach to corporate blogging (read article).

In addition to having several employees comment on a corporate blog site I find this article interesting in how it brings in a story about a Dell laptop blowing up in Japan. If this was just a way for a reporter to turn a positive blog announcement story into bringing in a very negative incident and using the blog as the flimsiest of pretenses, I would be pretty upset if I was in the communications department at Dell. On the other hand, if it was part of the press release (which I doubt) as a way of telling an ugly story and putting it in the context of a more positive announcement, it’s a pretty bizarre example of a not uncommon strategy.

Any way, you get two unrelated stories here for the price of one.


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  1. Gabe Rodriguez Says:

    Interested in your thoughts on Dell’s recent fiasco…

    Any thoughts?

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