Bottled Water BS

July 12, 2006

The multi-billion dollar ($4B+) bottled water industry just got hosed. By Penn and Teller no less. If I was the crisis manager for the bottled water association I’d be scrambling and trying to figure out how to get this video off the web. If you enjoy watching high class diners being duped into drinking hose water with a spider in it, paying big bucks for it, and then enthusing about how fresh and clean it tastes, you will enjoy this video greatly.

Even more, if you think that people who buy bottled water are wasting precious resources (like money) this has not only the entertainment value but the facts to back it up.

Safer? BS, and this makes it clear, using no less than the Natural Resources Defense Council expert. One fact. Bottled water is regulated by the FDA with less than one person on the case. Tap water is regulated by the EPA with lots of overseers.

In Bellingham, we have municipal water that comes from a “pristine” source according to the State Dept of Health and it is purified by our city into the top 1% of all municipal water in the nation. And we have most of the population of this city convinced of exceptionally high cancer rates and all kinds of other diseases based on fears about our dangerous water. The bottled water business in this community is huge. It’s absolutely nuts.

Like I said, if I was in the bottled water business I’d be thinking about how to kill this Penn and Teller video, but it just might put a huge dent into one of the biggest consumer scams to come along in a long time.

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