Do you really need to blog every day?

July 14, 2006

Here’s a great article about corporate blogging by corporate blogger Eric Kintz of HP.

A few key points.

– If you want to get top traffic on the likes of Technorati you still need to do like the bigtime bloggers and post multiple times a day.

– most people can’t do it because it just isn’t a priority.

– there is getting to be something called RSS fatigue according to Seth Godin.

– Most corporate marketing blogs still do not feature top executives.


3 Responses to “Do you really need to blog every day?”

  1. Eric Kintz Says:

    Gerald – Happy you enjoyed the post. Key bloggers will do a far better job than I could do alone relaying my thoughts. And those links will be driven by content quality and joining the community, not frequency

  2. gbaron Says:

    Thanks Eric, this is one of the great things about blogging. The easy way to converse with people whose ideas I respect and appreciate. Keep it up!

  3. Eric Kintz Says:


    I thought you would enjoy the follow up analysis on how this post spread virally throughout the blogosphere.

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