YouTube owns your content

July 20, 2006

With blogging really taking off now in the corporate and PR world, content control is going to become an interesting issue. Primarily because blogging is all about sharing, and linking, and grabbing stuff from other sites, and reacting, etc. So when you do a post, who owns the content? Can you put something on a site and protect it? Can you use something from someone else’s site without a copyright infringement. One online critic with a record of doing and saying anything he wants about his target is complaining because the company is showing his posts on their responses in order to demonstrate his lack of honesty and responsibility. So he turns around and complains of copyright violations.

This issue may come to a head when the thousands of hundreds of thousands who post video content on YouTube find out that they just signed away their rights to the content according to the fine print that no one ever reads. In fact, YouTube reserves the right to sell it, change it, do whatever they want with your content. They can make a zillion dollars on your little video and you may not have the right to. Interesting to see how this turns out.

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  2. […] The story continues over at CrisisBlogger, a great spot I discovered recently, which wrote about this issue even before Google bought YouTube. The blog covers crisis communications and planning, and since anyone can put their foot in their mouth or worse, including creative people (Mel Gibson, anyone?), it deserves a wider audience besides the regular business/MBA crowds. […]

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