CIA blogger gets fired

July 24, 2006

Now, at first glance, it would make all the sense in the world. The blogosphere exists for open, transparent communication. Spies are not into open, transparent communication. And I would guess most of us wouldn’t want those in covert operations to be telling the world what they know is going on. So the first point is, smart blogging sometimes means not talking about things that shouldn’t be talked about in this environment.

But this story is not about an open blogging environment and it is not about sharing secrets. The blogger in question was blogging to others in the intelligence community on a closed blog. Interesting point–blogging isn’t just about talking to the blogosphere and the whole world. it can be a fast, easy, convenient way to communicate with a closed group. Even a very closed group. Even a group we want to be very closed.

And the blogger wasn’t sharing secrets–at least that is not why she was fired according the reports. She was fired because she expressed an opinion that a certain kind of torture was bad. OK, now it is about free speech, and political opinions being expressed in wrong places or wrong ways. Now it isn’t so clear who is the bad guy here–the blogger for not using good sense, the CIA for getting someone fired, or her employer for firing her.

There’s no doubt that we are going to hear all kinds of stories about bloggers getting fired. Shouldn’t surprise us. It’s not about blogging, really, its about getting in trouble with your superiors. There are all kinds of ways to do that. Blogging happens to be one of the newest and potentially loudes. Blog smart.

CIA contractor fired for blog criticizing torture.

What the blogger had to say about it after she was fired.


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  1. Econo Girl Says:

    Actually, the story was about how the Defense Dept and the CIA lied when they announced that they were going to start following the rules in the Geneva Conventions a few days before. If they were serious, I would not have been fired. They had no intention of following the Geneva Conventions.

    I honestly don’t see this as a free speech issue.

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