Another kind of crisis

August 7, 2006

How glad I am not to have to manage or worry about managing the kind of crisis showed on the A&E show “Intervention.” Last night the subject was Tim, a talented young music producer who was destroying his life with crack cocaine. I fyou haven’t watched the show I should tell you that the addicts featured are told they are going to be in a documentary on addiction. What they don’t know is that they are headed for an intervention and treatment if they accept it. It is a $20,000 gift from the show. The families and loved ones are of course involved in doing the intervention. This was another tragic story as Tim manipulated and fought his beautiful girlfriend Madyson–the lead singer in the band he produced. But what made it more sad was to see how much Madyson’s love made her an enabler that made it more difficult than it needed to be for Tim to reject the drugs.

After having a violent fight with Madyson and her family, Tim runs off into Florida swamp with the documentary cameraman in close pursuit. He calls on his cell phone threatening suicide by razor blade. He goes deeper into the muck of the swamp, then into a storm drain where he lays in the cold water for over a half hour. The camera keeps rolling. We wonder are we going to see a suicide right here on camera? Finally, the show’s producer comes into the picture telling Tim that if he is serious about hurting himself they will have to call 911. Tim says no, he won’t kill himself.

Tim does get out of the swamp, goes to the intervention and gets the treatment he so desperately needs. And though the show reports he has been clean since April, he and Madyson both return the self-absorbed life and enabling “love” that has proven to be destructive to them, so we are not left with great hope for victory.

It was an amazing hour on TV. I was amazed at the dedication and courage of the cameraman who it seeemed never removed his eye from the eye piece as some of the most frightening, real, and tragic events were happening inches away. I’m all the more amazed since that cameraman is my own son, Chris. Chris, incredible job. I am so very proud of you. Chris’ blog about his adventures into documentary production can be found at

To see more about this great TV show, here’s the link.


3 Responses to “Another kind of crisis”

  1. csbaron Says:

    Thanks, Dad.

  2. Robert Says:

    An amazing insight to what crack cocaine can do to even the most talented, and at one time, functional person. Yes, the cameraman had to be torn while filming the extremely destructive behaviors of this addicted person, Tim. Keep presenting the ‘true’ tales of our society’s addictions and maybe one day this will be a better place. While watching with my wife, we both wondered what is in store for our beautiful daughters as they grow up.

  3. Patty E Says:

    I watched this too, and thought that this Tim guy was absolutely crazy. He could have had such a great life, now if you google Madyson, all you find is her crackhead boyfriend. If he loved her at all, he would not bring her down with his problems. Madyson is stupid, she has to get rid of him and live her own life or he will never get help if he thinks she will let him do crack. As well, eventually she will do it with him, then both of their lives will suck.

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