Can you digg it? Not if you’re BP

August 7, 2006

Interesting article about “social news” in Fortune magazine. Seems the business world is waking up to the reality of 2.0 and the whole social phenomenon of the web. Particularly in this case sites like and Here’s the article. 

For most in the corporate communications world the question is going to be: what does this mean for me? It means that you can listen in and participate if you want to the conversation going on around the global watercooler. If you overheard in passing a group talking around the watercooler about you, or your company, or your family, or someone or something important to you, would you stop and listen.

Well, BP can now stop and listen to what people are saying–in this case about the problems with the Alaska pipeline. Here’s the digg watercooler talk. 

Like at most watercoolers, you will see a diversity. The inane to the intelligent. The uninformed to the somewhat informed. Of course, there is no company participation. I wonder if they are even hanging around the edges listening. I hope so. It is one little snippet–hardly representative, of the conversation going on around the world.

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