PR community starting to take notice of blogs

August 16, 2006

There are increasing signs that the PR community is sitting up and taking notice of the blog world. This is article from PR Tactics and Strategies online is a pretty good summary.

I share the concern of Scoble and Israel, however, in Naked Conversations. That PR world which centers around a complex process of approval and review with multiple levels of executive oversight and attorney vetting will struggle with the “right now” and “say what you mean” demands of the global online watercooler.

They will adjust, and some will do better than others no doubt. But for many it will not come easy and will seem completely counter intuitive to everything they know about how to do PR.


2 Responses to “PR community starting to take notice of blogs”

  1. shel israel Says:

    When I practiced PR, the key idea was relationships with the public, as the words imply. There is a need for more of that stuff, not less. But for those who think they can do that by pushing messages out from the boardroom into the customer’s forehead, those days have already ended. Thanks for the mention of our book.

  2. gbaron Says:

    There are several problems with traditional PR that the blog world will highlight. One is the command and control structure. That results in speed problems and lowest common denominator, sanitized messages that all potential objections have been removed. The focus on mainstream media as the primary or only distribution channel is a big problem. And finally, the fact that communication has not been traditional structured as a conversation. The blog world is all about conversation. As Shel states in his comment, you can’t create messages and push them into people’s heads. It never really worked and certainly doesn’t in this world.

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