YouTube–the new opportunity for whistleblowers

August 30, 2006

OK all you whistleblowers out there, here’s a new way to get yourself some attention if no one in your company will listen. Make a video and post it on YouTube.  Like this guy (Michael De Kort) from Lockheed Martin (view story and video).
Interesting take on it from this blog called HR Lawyer’s Blog. In fact, it is precisely what I would want to say about it to communication professionals who are trying to keep up with the new risks in a world of flattening media.

Here’s what blogger Chris McKinney said (read blog) 

“The video, which can be viewed here, demonstrates the increased flattening of the media world. It is absolutely not an exaggeration to say that now everyone (and every employee) as a printing press and a television station that can literally reach tens of thousands or even millions of people. In the hands of a disgruntled (justifiably or not) employee, this media power is undoubtedly going to cause public relations nightmares for companies of all sizes.

Ah, this new world gets more interesting every day.

Which reminds me, James Bruni didn’t agree with my criticism of his comments about Edelman. I appreciate the response James, would love to converse more about this. But this example of using YouTube helps prove my point. As does me writing about this with the impact of giving the video more legs.

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