The Old Media fights back–and they’re getting grumpy

September 6, 2006

Here’s a very interesting article contrasting traditional journalism with citizen journalism by New Yorker writer Nicholas Lemann.

Once I got past the obvious disdain for this new breed of “citizen journalists” and the general grumpy tone–at least of the first quarter of the article, I found his analysis helpful and interesting. His overall complaint is the general low quality of journalism exhibited by bloggers–agreed. What he does not seem to admit is that the same can be said of most of journalism in the mainstream as well. Quality varies in all categories. Certainly does not diminish the impact of blogging as a new mode of journalism, nor does it diminish its impact on public opinion, politics and reputations.

His concluding point that many amateurs will turn professional as a result of the easy publishing mode of the internet is correct–and they will also turn commercial as advertising discovers the blog world.


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  1. JamesBruni Says:

    Great post.

    BTW- Check out this week’s PR scandal — the Burson “papers” of their work for Corning and the breast implant campaign — that were recently released (and probably should have been shredded). It offers a chiling glimpse inside this PR firm’s first forays into the world of “astroturf” organizations.

  2. JamesBruni Says:

    Those Burson “papers” can be seen at – 45k – Sep 6, 2006 –

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