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Speaking in LA on November 8

November 1, 2006

If you’re in LA or the vicinity on November 8, drop by the Rogers Group offices for a couple of hours of stimulating conversation about crisis communications. Lynne Doll, the highly respected president of Rogers Group, and I will be speaking/dialoging with a group about what to do in a serious reputation crisis. It will be similar to a presentation the two of us made at the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce during their session on Disaster Planning.

The session starts at 8 am and will be over by 9:30 and seating is limited, so if you’d like to come, shoot me an email at or go to the Rogers Group website ( and let them know you’d like to come. You can also call Rogers Group at 310-552-6922.


Brian Atene is found!

November 1, 2006

OK, this is only for crisis managers like me who have a theater background, but those intrigued and entertained by Brian Atene’s forty year old audition tape to Stanley Kubrick (and who read my post with the YouTube link that asked where he was) will be pleased to know that Brian Atene is alive, well and posting a new over the top dramatic rendition on YouTube.