Speaking in LA on November 8

November 1, 2006

If you’re in LA or the vicinity on November 8, drop by the Rogers Group offices for a couple of hours of stimulating conversation about crisis communications. Lynne Doll, the highly respected president of Rogers Group, and I will be speaking/dialoging with a group about what to do in a serious reputation crisis. It will be similar to a presentation the two of us made at the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce during their session on Disaster Planning.

The session starts at 8 am and will be over by 9:30 and seating is limited, so if you’d like to come, shoot me an email at gbaron@audiencecentral.com or go to the Rogers Group website (www.rogerspr.com) and let them know you’d like to come. You can also call Rogers Group at 310-552-6922.

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