What to do about rude and inappropriate commenters

November 7, 2006

A comment on this blog received today reminded me of one my very first posts. It was about angry bloggers and it linked to a great article by Alan Jacobs about angry bloggers.”Pancho Villa” commented on my Brian Atene post and pointed out an error I made. Thank you, Pancho. I will always appreciate corrections. But the swearing and name calling are not appropriate. A blog is a conversation but one in which certain rules of respect and etiquette can and ought to be required and enforced. So I am now doing that for crisisblogger. Please, correct me or others who comment. Say what you have to say. And say it with passion and strength. But if you have to resort to name calling, to disrespect, to abusive language, you are not welcome here. Pancho, like everyone else who visits and joins the conversations, you are welcome to respond. But if you can’t respect the rules, I’ll use the wordpress tools to make certain you cannot comment here again.

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