Best Buy Lies? Is this why I can’t get a Wii?

November 22, 2006

I’m dying to get my hands on a Wii. OK, a 55 year old guy isn’t supposed to get excited about video games but my sons, daughters and their spouses help keep me up with what’s going on, and this Wii thing looks pretty cool. Especially for someone who likes to play tennis. But I can’t get one.

And maybe here’s an explanation. This blog, from a former Best Buy employee, explains how he believes Best Buy is operating relating to the Wii and probably all other “hot” items. Not sure if it is all true, but I have say it is credible.

Since my interest in more than just Wiis, I’ll be very interested to see how Best Buy and other retailers who are “gaming” the system respond to these kind of accusations.


5 Responses to “Best Buy Lies? Is this why I can’t get a Wii?”

  1. gbaron Says:

    Just to let you know, I got a Wii. Played the game that apparently Best Buys wants us to play. Found out from an “inside” source when the next shipment was coming in. Stood in line during the early stages of one of the worst snow storms to hit this area in many years, and got a Wii. My wife and I have been playing it almost non-stop since. We are sore as can be from all the motion, but this is a kick. Truly, the next generation of video games.

  2. :Pi Says:

    i want a wiiiiiiiiiiiii
    but when i read best buy flyers they say they have but when i go they dont GRRRRRRRRR

  3. spawn Says:

    its the dam parents who keep buing the system for their dam spoiled kids

  4. dennisgroves Says:

    I had a similar experience with the Manager of the North Scottsdale Best Buy – named Michael; and his employee Heather. I waited at the store for 5 hours yesterday in order to purchase a Wii for my son for xmas. After what seemed like very friendly help; and noticing that I had been there for so long Heather tells me that she has seen the manifest of the truck and they are not on todays shipment please come back tomorrow. So I comeback today and as I walk in I notice the Name tag “Store Manager Michael”; I thought what luck – I can go right to the horses mouth. I said I know I am early for todays Wii shipment but has the truck come in yet? And he said all the Wii’s were sold yesterday. And I said; “but Heather sent me home yesterday because they were not on the Truck’s manifest; and told me to come back today.” He said “There is nothing I can do; there are no more Wii’s. Come back on the 16th for our sale.” I then said “Excuse me, your employee lied to me; don’t you care about that?” He said “There is nothing he can do, call 1888 best buy if I have a complaint” and I said “your nametag says store manager, and your telling me that you have no authority or responsibility? The title is obviously worthless, I hope they pay you well.” and I left. Everything he said was a total blow off; he was lying to me just like his employee – and since it starts at the top; obviously nothing is going to be done. The thing is this isn’t about a hard to get Wii – they could have treated me with dignity and respect; by being honest with me. But they choose not to. It is beyond me that a company with such a poor track record could still be in business; I really don’t understand why people continue to accept poor customer service. I know that I will never shop Best Buy again – period. It is out of principal. I just wish more people would vote with their dollars and blogs. I have no reason to trust Best Buy; they have lied to me – all they want is my dollars – and they don’t care about me as a customer. They don’t get that “Trust” sells, or that “customer 2.0” has choices. I don’t shop Wallmart out of principle either. I really look forward to the day that Best Buy is a member of “Fucked Company.”

  5. No more worst buy Says:

    I purchased a laptop and performance service plan (PSP) on a Tuesday morning. When I went in to the store to get the product, I asked to have the extended accidental damage plan added to the PSP. They told me that since the accidental damage plan was only sold at the stores, they could not add it to the basic PSP sold at the .com store.

    They told me that I would have to call the 1 800 number and cancel the first PSP, then it would be 3 or 4 days before the money would be put back in my account. I was also told by the store and the PSP department that it would be 3 or 4 days.

    So I canceled the first $199.99 PSP and paid $299.99 for the PSP with the AD rider, so now I have over $500 of my money locked up in the two PSP’s and I have waited 8 business days and still my money is not back in my account. It took less then 10 minutes for the money to come out of my account.

    When I called the 1 800 number again, they told me that it had to go to their research department and sit in their queue until a researcher accepted the account and did the research on it, that could take more than a week then it would take more time for the money to be deposited in my account. When I told the “Customer Service Supervisor” that I had been lied to, he said that he was sorry that I misunderstood.

    I told him I would be posting this to the numerous “lies” blogs, he did not seem concerned. I told him that I would tell lots of people not to spend their hard earned money at a lying store.

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