Michael Richards’ PR expert

November 27, 2006

If you were wondering who Kramer would turn to for help during his attempt to rescue his career from almost certain destruction, here is the answer. The “apology” on Letterman was pitiful. The attempt on Jesse Jackson’s radio show was improved but only heightened the opinion that wherever a camera shows up or attention is focused briefly, Mr Jackson will be close at hand. Mr. Rubenstein has perhaps his greatest reputation crisis challenge. Will see what magic he can conjure to restore poor Mr. Richards.


One Response to “Michael Richards’ PR expert”

  1. Clara Potes-Fellow Says:

    It is interesting to compare the tone and content of apologies of those whose careers are almost destroyed by misbehavior. A contrast to Michael Richard’s apology is Ted Haggard’s sincere and clear expression of regret. It is evident that the New Life Church has its act together when it comes to crisis communications. See the text of Ted Haggard’s apology: http://clarapotes.blogspot.com/

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