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What is PR’s real value?

December 6, 2006

I’m in the LA area for a few days of meetings so writing briefly. But I did come across a very interesting article on Daily Dog about James Grunig, Professor Emeritus from University of Maryland. I like his comment on PR’s real value:

“But PR’s greatest value comes in reducing costs and risks. Specifically, primary costs are litigation, regulation, legislation and encounters with activist groups, or negative publicity. Most of those costs to relationships are caused by poor management decisions—those that don’t take into account interests of stakeholders.”

I also saw a presentation from the Center for Disease Control on crisis communication and I have to relay one quote from them that I will probably steal and use in my seminars and presentations. They were talking about the need to quickly provide information to those looking for it in a crisis and the challenge of doing what you need to do to prepare to provide that information. They said it was like cooking a turkey while a crowd of starving people are waiting. I like that. We communicators, the turkey cookers.