Taco Bell’s Reaction Fast?

December 15, 2006

Bulldog Reporter has a story today that says Taco Bell is “wasting no time reacting to the E.coli outbreak.” Give me a break. If this isn’t old media world thinking I don’t know what is. I blogged on Taco Bell’s situation on December 7, that would be 8 days ago. Eight days is a long time in today’s instant news world to get the message out that your food is safe and to communicate the action steps you are taking to insure that.

Time Magazine noted Taco Bell’s slow response in an article on Dec 8 including the following: “Taco Bell’s attempt at damage control needs damage control. The fast-food chain has responded poorly to this week’s E. coli
outbreak, experts say, and its bad public relations could hamper Taco Bell’s efforts to reasure its customers.” It quoted my good friend Jonathan Bernstein: “The information a company releases to stakeholders like investors and employees may be different than the information released to the public,” Bernstein says. The information, he adds, “needs to be released in an interactive way so that all of your stakeholders have a means to ask questions and receive answers, such as on a web site.”

What really gets me about this kind of story in Bulldog is that this is an online publication for the public relations industry.  The writers of this ought to “get it” better than this because they are the ones setting the expectations and communicating new standards to the industry.


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  1. I would argue that Bill Marler has done a better job of keeping the public and any other stakeholders updated (see http://www.marlerblog.com) than Taco Bell has done.

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