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Congress goes blogtime

December 20, 2006

Looks like members of Congress are getting serious about blogging. According to this article in Federal Computer Week, members of Congress have been blogging since 2004 but now they have blogging tools built right into their websites.

I haven’t checked on the success of Congresspersons blogging yet, but one of my first posts on this blog was my discussion with our County Executive on the idea of him blogging. He was astounded that I should suggest anything so stupid. It is an interesting concept. Blogging is largely about transparency and authenticity–those are two values that tend to be scarce and underappreciated in the world of politics. (Speaking as a many-time campaign manager and one-time state senate candidate).

I suspect that the members of Congress who do well in the blog world are the ones who understand that the key to success is being themselves, being honest, and being willing to engage in meaningful dialog with those who do not necessarily agree. Funny, that’s the same thing that works with CEO blogs, corporate blogs and just about every other kind.