Nintendo wins big–my arm proves it

December 26, 2006

My arm is really sore again. Blame the Wii. But don’t blame Nintendo. I scored one of the early Wiis and I can’t even think about how many hours I’ve spent in front of the tv swatting at virtual tennis balls and rolling virtual bowling balls down a virtual alley. The Denver Post article has it absolutely right.

It’s pretty amazing when a game with the most basic graphics of the Wii can completely leave the wizardry of PSP3 and Xbox360 in the dust. I am now convinced that Nintendo didn’t just create a new video game, they created a new category. One that will split the video game marketing into finer segments and more importantly, expand the entire market greatly. There finally is a toy for us old folks. And finally, there is a video game that you don’t tire of after 39 hours of constant play. I know I am getting carried away, but I know in our house it will change things–like rearranging the furniture in our family room and inviting lots of people over to do more than sit around chit chatting over a glass of wine. It will also probably a few visits to the orthopedic surgeon.


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  1. According to DIGG: Due to strong sales in Japan and North America in the build up to the holidays, Nintendo’s Wii has now sold over 3 million copies worldwide, over twice as many as Sony’s Playstation 3 in a similar timeframe.

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