Family Guy shows how deep Wal-Mart’s crisis is

January 8, 2007

As readers of this blog know, I commented to a BusinessWeek reporter about the deep crisis Wal-Mart was in. A primary basis for that assessment was the fact that the company had become a political football, with one party in particular wishing to align itself with the Wal-Mart haters. Now there is another even potentially more ominous sign of the deep crisis. Last night’s episode of Family Guy was all about Wal-Mart. It was called SuperStore USA or some other such title but you could not miss the red vests nor the smiley face symbol. SuperStoreUSA drove all the town’s businesses out of town, hogged all the electricity so that the whole town had to sit in their underwear and sweat. It forced our hero’s daughter to choose between her job and her family and generally showed how awful a big, uncaring company can be until the wierd little pie-shaped baby-man comes in with a tank and totally blows the place up. We all cheer.

Yeah, it’s a crisis when it becomes part of popular culture to cheer when a company is blown up by a wierd character driving a tank.


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  1. Gerald Says:

    Sorry Mr. Tony, I’m removing your comment because I have a policy on this blog against the F word. I know it is common in the social media culture but I’m an old guy and still find it offensive.

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