Best Buy slipping fast in my opinion

January 15, 2007

I posted earlier about the flames Best Buy was getting online about how it handles hot items like the Wii. Now, I love Best Buy–mostly because it is my favorite toy store. But, I’m about to switch loyalties to Circuit City. My friend Alan just bought a camera at Best Buy–one of those new Sony cameras that records to DVD. He wanted quick and easy editing with his Mac. Turns out, doesn’t work for that–poor quality and other problems–but the sales person told him different. So he bought it, tried it, packed it back up and returned it. They charged him $85 because he opened the box. He pointed to the sales person who was standing right there and told them what she said. Didn’t matter. He opened the box.

I don’t like using this blog for personal rants, and this one wasn’t even my experience. But it points to a common problem–customer service starts slipping, you hear several instances and the loyalty disappears in a hurry. But in the blog world, that process happens quicker and with far more impact. I hope Best Buy is listening in on the conversation.

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