Attn communicators needing to convinces bosses about importance of blogs

January 17, 2007

Just had a conversation today with a top level Public Information Officer, and the topic turned to the impact of online media, blogs and the like. He made the comment that some leaders in his organization continue to doubt that many people are impacted by online media. I pointed to the previous post on this blog with the interview with Richard Edelman that stated that this year more will get their news online than from all MSM. More proof of the importance of blogs in public information and news comes from this blog called Just on Online Minute.

The nub: Nielsen//NetRatings shows that blog pages within the top 10 online newspapers drew around 3.8 million unique visitors last month–more than triple December 2005’s 1.2 million.

Please note–these are not the 60 million citizen journalist blog sites that we are talking about. These are blog sites launched by major newspapers. They are certainly discovering where the news readers are going and joining the party.

So, for all you communicators who need to convince your bosses that something important is going on here, tell them to read crisisblogger.

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