Media tracking during a crisis

February 22, 2007

Communication is of course about listening as well as speaking. And a key part of listening is paying attention to what the media, bloggers and others are saying about you. At no time is this more important than during a crisis.

I was sent an excellent white paper on this subject by Chip Griffin, CEO of CustomScoop. Chip mentioned that he was a crisisblogger reader, which pleased me no end. And I emailed him and told him I was a very happy user of his CustomScoop service (which seemed to please him). In fact, I was introduced to CustomScoop by my oft-mentioned associate Jonathan Bernstein, who was and is using it in a major “blogwar” crisis that both he and I are involved in.

CustomScoop has a blog that will be of strong interest to PR professionals, and I strongly recommend that you read this white paper by Mr. Griffin. It is critically important to not only track what the media is saying but also what the 70 million or so bloggers may be saying about you.

For the record, I have no arrangement where I am paid for recommending this service to you and have no financial involvement in your interest in them whatsoever. This is also the first time I have recommended a product or service in this blog.


Right after I posted this I found this article from PRSA–only 19% of PR professionals monitor blogs. That’s amazing to me considering the role that blogs are playing in PR these days. Chip–you got a big market in front of you!


2 Responses to “Media tracking during a crisis”

  1. Chip Griffin Says:

    Thanks for the kinds words — and for drawing my attention to the PRSA item. I will check it out.

  2. JamesBruni Says:

    Nice post. Amazing that only 19 percent of PR pros monitor blogs. There is another company called BuzzLogic that is getting some attention. As PR pros, we should be looking at these services/products very closely. Way to go, Baron.

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