Can Google be beat?

March 5, 2007

Anyone who uses the Internet uses search engines a lot. Google has rocketed to the top of the world based primarily on its search engine, plus some smart ways to leverage that through ad revenue, etc. But, can search get better. I just looked at a beta of and my answer is yes. It’s going to get a lot better. While medstory is set up primarily for health related searches, the basic concept is applicable to any number of subjects. Obviously, Microsoft thinks medstory’s search methods are valuable because according to this article in today’s Media Post, Microsoft has purchased the technology and sees it as a key part of its strategy to win the search wars. Ah, isn’t competition wonderful.


One Response to “Can Google be beat?”

  1. JP Says:

    Too little too late? Actually I think for MSN technology isn’t the issue. The organization’s culture and general development model may be. Plus, Google has done an infinitely better job of branding themselves as “search” as compared to MSN, who recently began trying to brand “” as their primary search property. Ask 10 people what is and see what they tell you!

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