Prediction: A flood of anonymous, vicious political attack ads

March 22, 2007

The “Big Brother (sister?)” ad parody against Senator Clinton is likely to just be the start. First, because as this LA Times article shows, there is considerable protection for the anonymous aspect. It also conforms to the ethos of the Internet and blogworld–absolute freedom with much less concern about responsibility or respect.

Political operatives have to be scrambling right now to come up with the equivalent of the “issue war rooms” that were created in President Clinton’s first race. Now they will be “YouTube War Rooms,” rapid response mechanisms to deal with damaging video clips posted on the proliferating video sites and distributed virtually instantly via the bloggers.

Corporate communicators–don’t sit back too comfortably and watch this. What happens in the rough and tumble political communication world usually spills over into public communication involving companies. Where is your YouTube war room? How will you respond with an ad parody or a vicious video attack suddenly showing up?


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