Jonathan’s New “Keeping Wolves At Bay”–perhaps the best fifty bucks you could spend

March 28, 2007

Here’s a blatant plug for my friend and valued associate Jonathan Bernstein’s newest version of his media training manual, “Keeping the Wolves at Bay.” Find out more (and order) at

Jonathan bills this as a media training guide; indeed it is and probably the best available. (I used is recently for media training I conducted). But it is far more than that, particularly in this new edition. This edition addresses the world of the “I-Reporter,” the term used to describe bloggers and others who provide content online that may be about you and your organization. The manual provides a wealth of real life examples drawn from Jonathan’s extensive experience in communication and crisis management. And it is entertaining.

But what I like best (and this will be no surprise to Jonathan) is the role that stakeholder communication plays in his thinking. In this “post media world” or post mainstream media world, companies and organizations have the opportunity to address stakeholders and all those keenly interested in the goings on of the organization directly. With that opportunity comes the absolute necessity. Jonathan gets this better than almost anyone I have seen in this game.

So “Keeping the Wolves at Bay” is much more than another media training guide–it is perhaps one of the most concise, insightful, useful and savvy guides to strategic thinking about reputation issues available.


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