The Sea Diamond passengers speak

April 12, 2007

I commented as a passive observer on what I considered to be the inadequate communication of the cruise company, Louis Cruises, who owned the ship the Sea Diamond which sank in the Aegean. But my evaluation counts for nothing compared to those who were on board. Thanks to this blog world, we can hear from those people. I encourage you to read the comments on my initial post on the Sea Diamond.

Here’s what the latest passenger had to say: I am becoming very disalusioned with this cruise ship company since my wife and I returned home after being aboard the Sea Diamond when she sank.  I have yet to hear anything further from them than what the cruise director said to us before we left our rescue ship and their web site, well they still have their three news releases they put out the first day but nothing new about anything since.  Do they think that by not responding all of us who were aboard will forget?  I think not …

Frankly, I find this incredible and inexcusable. These passengers did not hear anything from the company?? No new postings on their website after the initial releases?

The question that Mr. Johnson asks ought to be posted on the wall of every communication manager and every CEO of every organization: Do they think that by not responding all of us who were aboard will not forget?

It’s one thing for us armchair experts to comment on what we think passengers, stakeholders, people who care want. It’s another thing to hear it from them directly. I just hope everyone in the cruise industry is listening. For that matter, everyone else who takes the life, comfort, safety and peace of customers in their hands.


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  1. Carol Says:

    Our tour operator received a letter from the cruise line… offering 1400 euro for property loss and 1000 euro for pain and suffering … That doesn’t even cover the cost of the cruise and our property losses. Plus they want us to sign a release and we we’re offered a free 4 day cruise !

  2. ann Says:

    Carol – would you please forward a copy of your letter to me at Also, we have set up a website at that you may want to look at.

  3. Lawrence Says:

    Hey, a group from Dobbs Ferry, NY has filed a lawsuit against Louis Hellenic Cruises.

  4. Mary Ann Says:

    I am one of the people from the Dobbs Ferry
    Travelers. I want to say that we were in our room on the 6th floor and looked out our window and saw the volcanic reef as clear as day. He was rubbing right along the side of the reef. Pure panic for me as I did not want to cruise in the beginning but my friends talked me into it. Most of the crew did not know what they were doing. I can separated from all my friends and was by myself. Ship hit near 4:00 and I did not get off the boat until 6:40 PM. I went over the railing on the back part of the ship on 8th or 9th floor not even sure which. Down a rope ladder and into a boat. PS I need knee replacement so it was a little bit of a problem. I made it though. At that time seven crew members were on the same boat. I saw a rope explode when they were trying to send it out to the tug boat and felt like I could touch the cliff bottom of Santorini when we almost rubbed the cliffs when the boat was drifting around. Louis is not doing enough as far as I am concerned. I lost everything as did everyone else. They are definitely to blame and I think we all have to take action against them. An insulting thing with Louis is that a few people who had to cancel for health reasons were given a mere $500. or so for cancellation of the trip by Louis. Mary Ann

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  6. Lauren Alderfer Says:

    I would ask that information for other passenges to join the class action suit against Louis Cruise Lines be posted. Perhaps the lawyer’s contact info. There are many individual passengers that were not part of an orgainzed tour but may also want to be pat of a class action suit. I, like others, are very dissatisfied with the lack of safety and negligence during the evacuation, Louis’ response since the accident, and I to top it off I have had an injury suffered during the evacuation.

  7. The Guardian Says:

    I am the Guardian. Fisher of men. I saved all of you except for two which I think is pretty good. I held the ship up during the evac before claiming the ship in neptunes deep locker. Lawsuit you say? You lived so get over it. I am sure the broken fingernail you suffered will grow back and get fixed during your next visit to Happy Nails! HoooRah!

  8. Martin Mikelberg Says:

    June 12, 2007

    Although the abrupt way and suggestion of “the Guardian” that we go on with our lives and not sue, I agree that we, the survivors, who have only had average dollar losses of material things and have not received serious injuries, should forget suits and move on in this great journey called life. The final dollars or euros that we will have received is about $3,500.00 US each, and that is far above the original offer of $1,900 and the other 200 euros received in Athens. Sure, there was a lackof safety, but that should be addressed by the courts in Greece. And hopefully, that shall make the Louis Lines pay attention to adhering to the changes that should occur in the regulations on carrying passengers on the sea.

  9. chemator Says:

    I agree with the last message. But I would like to know if all of you have received the whole compensation. So far I have received the luggage compensation and the token to do the cruise again but not the one concerning ‘pain and suffering’ yet. Any special procedure requiered to get it?
    I come from Spain

  10. Chalice Says:

    I was on board the boat and am from England. I have not Heard anything about the pain and suffering compensation neither have my class mates. How did you know about it or was a separate letter sent about it. All we here have recieve was 1,400 euros and a free cruise trip so i am interested about hearing if we can get more as this doesn’t even come close in compensating my losses.

  11. Ainhoa Says:

    Hi to everybody!

    Me and my family were as well in the Sea Diamond and we have been told a week a go that we can enjoy another cruise trip in Louis and get the amoounts you said above (like 10% of the real lose). It is some kind of a joke or what! We are from Spain and agencies DO not want to help us contact spanish people (112) IN Spain, they are afraid or something because all of us NEED and WANT to contact each other but we are told that people in fact do not want to do so because that is private info.

    You think it would be OK an international action? I mean, in fact there is nothing clear…

    This is my blog:

    and this:

    You are completely welcome to visit them: it is still the spanish version but I will translate it ASAP!

  12. charlie Says:

    yeh, well put chalice

  13. DORIS A. POL Says:

    I received the luggage compensation, but consider the sum offered for “pain and compensation” outrageous. Upon returning home I was in a very bad physical condition due to the stress and the fact that I lost my medicines and I suffer from diabetes and soriasis. What was supposed to be a short pleasent vacation turned out to be a living hell, due to the way the Cruise Company handled the whole situation, the lack of experience of the crew, the bad conditions of the lifeboats, etc.
    Very abusive of them to offer 1,000 euros.

  14. Vladimir Says:

    I, too, was a passenger aboard the Sea Diamond, and like the previous poster I have since suffered from symptoms resembling post-traumatic stress disorder, including one particularly bad episode. The compensation they are offering can only be described as laughable.

  15. Ricky Says:

    I totally feel for all you people. Was on The Norwegian Jewel just a month before The Sea Diamond and when the waves were rocking I did a lot of drinking. Can not imagine being on a sinking ship. The cruise should have to pay all of you big time, especially since it was the crew and Captains fault. Yes, you should all be greatful to be alive but should also be taken care of dollar wise. Not to mention that poor Frenchman and his daughter who are missing.

  16. Chienfou Says:

    I was on the Sea Diamond a few days before the sinking — in fact, some of our students were in the same room as the ill-fated Frenchman and his daughter. I found the crew to be good and all they did seemed to be handled with pride and professionalism. I am sure this was a traumatic experience for those passengers on board that day, but it is amazing that there was as little loss of life as there was given the potential for a greater disaster.
    While everyone jumped to the conclusion that the captain and crew were inept and criminally negligent, there is now some information that indicates the possibility that there where some (previously) unrecognized errors on the nautical charts for the port, including the location and depth of the particular reef the ship struck. This is being contested by the Greek authorities responsible for the charts, but is being further investigated by the Greek government at present.
    I would suggest that anyone interested in seeing this resolved in a fair and equitable manner would be well served by keeping an eye on the results of this investigation.

  17. d ruth Says:

    Just checking out thr reviews and glad I did. I am suppose to travel with this cruise line on 10/09 but looking at this I think not. I hope things go well with all that were involved.

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