Sea Diamond–eye witness and on board accounts of the sinking

April 16, 2007

This is another post about the wonders of blogging. I write about crisis management and communication–commenting on how companies and organizations are doing when stressed by major crisis events. Like the sinking of the Sea Diamond off Santorini. But I never expected, and still am amazed, when this blog becomes the place for people who share an interest in this event to come together and share their experiences.

I hope casual visitors here will read the comments of some of those who were on board the ship, or nearly on board, or who shared other cruise experiences. The comment this morning from someone who saw the ship go aground, then watched it list from shore, is particularly powerful and amazing.

As I commented before, the implications for those in crisis management these days is profound. The mainstream media impact of this dramatic event lasted a day or two. The blog activity will go on for months. And Louis Cruise Lines and for that matter, all cruise lines, had better be engaged because opinions are being influenced significantly every day.


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  1. Annalise Says:

    Every year another sinking is somewhere in progress. Maybe if the companys cared a little bit more they could put some effort into these ships&cruises. And the staff also, they shouldnt just hire any random person, even if they do have a degree or sumthing like that. They just arnt putting enough effort in.

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