Blackberry, Virginia Tech, SMS–so many things

April 23, 2007

There are so many important things going on right now in the world of crisis communication, that it is hard to take the time to try and keep up. I’ll limit this post to some quick items that are of note:

RIM demonstrated that just because you provide advanced communication technology, that you “get it” about the need to communicate. Here is a good assessment from AdAge.

The Virginia Tech tragedy, among a lot of other things, signals the critical importance of SMS messaging in the world of crisis communication and notification. As my last post indicates, this may be one of the most significant long term implications of this event. Here’s more evidence from Yahoo news.

Also, this commenter notes on the effective use of web technology by the VT communication team. I have to say that it was impressive–and demonstrates the need to be prepared to fully assume control over a web presence in an event like this. What I don’t understand about this comment is the negative view toward “dark sites.” Not sure the commenter understands that effective use of dark sites will result in exactly what he rightly proclaims as a success. Also, I heard anecdotally, that the VT website was having a hard time handling the traffic. Dark sites located on crisis capable servers is very important.

One more note: if you are in University communications or emergency management, you may be interested to register for an online conference I will be hosting via PIER Systems. We have a number of communication and IT managers from some major universities participating in this online conference. To receive an invitation to participate, you need to register online at

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