I’m back

May 7, 2007

I’ve been missing from these pages for a few days. Part of it my fault, part of it not. I spent most of the week in Valdez attending a very large scale oil spill drill which was fascinating and provided endless fodder for crisisblogger. Unfortunately, wifi and cell modem connections were not great so I gave up trying to fight that battle. The other problem had to do with my unnamed blog provider who for totally inexplicable and apparently capricious reasons decided I was to be taken off the air. If the purpose was to wake me up to their power over me and make me cautious of what is said here or on any blog, the point was well taken and therefore I will be very circumspect. I will leave it only by saying that having the world run and controlled by the very young, naive, inexperienced and audaciously arrogant new breed of technocrats is suddenly a very frightening thing. I suspect for this, I may get disconnected again.


2 Responses to “I’m back”

  1. WordPress pulled your access? Do they know how easy it is to start a blog elsewhere and trash their reputation? What a foolish thing to do without at least first telling you what they have a problem with. And you’re about as mild-mannered a blogger as exists.

    YO, WORDPRESS, I’ll be happy to let 15,000 newsletter readers know what you’ve done — not to mention my friends in the media — if you overreact.

    Jonathan Bernstein
    Bernstein Crisis Management LLC

  2. gbaron Says:

    the unnamed blog host has almost cost me my mild mannered reputation.

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