Way beyond the instant news world–too the “hairtrigger world:” don’t mess with Rush Limbaugh

May 11, 2007

Someone defaced Rush Limbaugh’s face on a Baltimore billboard, and a Public Works employee, clearly no fan of Rush’s, made a comment about it doing his heart good. And the media/blogworld was off on a wild frenzy. This story from the Baltimore Sun needs to be posted in the offices of every communication manager in the world. And especially this comment from Lee Rainie of Pew:
“Something can go from zero to a million miles an hour in a couple of clicks,” said Lee Rainie, director of the Pew Internet and American Life Project. “That makes us sort of a hair-trigger world.”

Wow. But more than this–put this in the context of my previous post about top communicators and crisis management experts still having a hard time understanding what has happened in the new information environment–all I can say is please pay attention.

I’ve got to readjust my thinking too. I used to preach and harp on the “Golden Hour.” I think I might have to change it to the Golden Minute.

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