The media fueled frenzy re wi-fi “dangers”

June 4, 2007

I thought there were wierd stories in some of the supermarket counter “newspapers,” but this one out of England about people getting scared to death by a report about the dangers of wi-fi radiation looks as far fetched as they come. Fear, sex and controversy sell newspapers and get viewers tuned in to your broadcast program so this story and the ones to follow will likely sell papers.

A few comments: If Sir William Stewart doesn’t lose his job over this, the UK government has no brains. He “warned” everyone about the dangers of mobile phones–a danger that has been completely discredited by study after study but he still has his job. And now uses it to warn of the danger of wi-fi. Loser.

People are funny. Once they get an idea in their head that something is dangerous they manage to link it to all kinds of symptoms. One lady thought she was suffering from menopause, but it turns out it is wi-fi. Oh my gosh, this is too good. Hey lady, your broom handle contains known carcinogens! Run! Hide.

This would be hilarious if it did not demonstrate the problem with the media. They feed on this stuff without much sense of responsibility for what they are doing. They prey on the weak minded, the fearful, the ignorant. What will happen? Lots of kids and families will lose their Internet access over this. Big deal? Yes, because this is just one more example of the state of fear that is being continually created around all kinds of issues. It is one thing for it to happen due to honest mistakes or even because of ambitious if misguided scientists. But when it is done for the purpose of selling papers, selling more ads and making more money it is disgusting and dangerous.

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