Any one with Life Insurance Crisis Case Studies?

June 15, 2007

A crisisblogger reader has requested that if anyone out there in blog land has any good examples of crises involving life insurance companies, she would certainly like to hear of them. I came up empty on that question. I guess that means life insurance companies are crisis immune. (Not!) If you know of any good examples, please comment and let us know where we can get more info. It will help one exec make a much better presentation.


One Response to “Any one with Life Insurance Crisis Case Studies?”

  1. nachapman Says:

    Any good?
    These may not all be life insurance scandals/crises, but they involve insurance companies in different ways, the most notorious being the Lloyds Names during the 80s.

    equitable life
    Holocaust insurance
    Lloyds Names scandal – 80s

    The other big insurance scandal in the UK that had national impacts was around the selling of endowment mortgage insurance during the 80s. Many people at the end of the 90s in the UK find their policies coming up short for paying off the mortgage on their homes.

    I hope they might be of use…

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