Oil Spill Communications–free online conference

June 18, 2007

If you are in communications in the oil business chances are you have been involved in JICs (Joint Information Centers). In which case, you may be interested in the online conference I will be speaking at this week. If you are not in the oil business, but know you need to know more about JICs and how large multi-agency response teams work together to get the word out in today’s instant information world, you will still find this interesting.

To find out more, and also to learn about a massive oil spill drill going on in the midwest this week (using our communication technology of course), read pierblog. The online conference is free and you can register online at the link provided on pierblog or at http://www.piersystem.com.

By the way, speaking with me will be my good friend and highly respected communicator Neil Chapman, Director of Communications for BP North America.

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