The media feeding frenzy–on an unsavory Continental mess

June 22, 2007

Here’s a story about the Continental airlines reputation problem resulting from a trans-Atlantic flight with sewage–that is human excrement–flowing into the aisles for seven hours. I saw Mr Brock, the enraged passenger, on KING 5 last night. He was talking about all the networks and all the news outlets trying to get his story and offering him money for it. I can’t imagine how disgusting it might have been to be on that flight. But what I find almost equally disgusting is the degree to which today’s media clamour for someone to give them the story and the video they need to build an audience. Now, I know it is their business to do so, and it also seems pretty clear that this was not Continental’s shining hour, but I still find it disturbing how callously today’s infotainment process deals with reputations that people work years to build and protect.  And I also find it distasteful to see how quickly people are willing to become pawns in this game. Sort of like a lottery ticket I guess. Make hay while you can. In the meantime, I think about the thousands or tens of thousands of hard working Continental employees who may be harmed by someone flushing stuff down the toilet they shouldn’t have and someone willing to cash in on a truly horrible situation.


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  1. dana bushman Says:

    Hi there, thanks for taking notice. A few corrections/point:

    – I’ve been in touch with Mr. Brock and as far as I know none of the passengers on this flight has receive any money from the media for telling our story
    – Continental has only offered customer $500 vouchers toward their next flight, which is a fraction of the cost of what tickets cost for the transatlantic flight we were on that went so horribly
    – Continental has indeed said they found latex gloves in the septic system and has alluded to the fact that it was a passenger who flushed them. That fact is that the toilets did not work from the second we boarded the plane in Amsterdam. Continental representatives themselves have stated privately that they believe it was the cleaning crew in Shannon who flushed the gloves, not a passenger.
    – None of the passengers are trying to cash in on the horrible experience we were put through. We simply want the money that we paid for the flight back from Continental. I don’t think that is too much to ask of them.

  2. gbaron Says:

    Thanks Dana for the information and corrections. I’d appreciate any information you have on continuing efforts of Continental to communicate with the passengers and address their concerns including compensation. Clearly it looks like from the passenger’s perspective, their communication and compensation actions have been inadequate.

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