Media feeding frenzy vs. blog feeding frenzy–the Continental “poo flight”

June 26, 2007

At the risk of being circular, Custom Scoop’s blog commented on my blog post on Continental and added some very interesting perspectives. My focus was on the media feeding frenzy, their’s was on the blog feeding frenzy, which is in every respect more crazed, more callous, more angry, more outrageous than the worst excesses of mainstream media.

Again, this is of great importance to crisis managers and why it is imperative that blog monitoring be a part of any crisis manager’s toolkit these days. And it is important to understand that as the mainstream media continues to fight for its place in a rapidly changing public information world and its excesses become greater, those excesses will pale in comparison to what replaces it. Not more moderate approaches or more reasonable and thoughtful comment respecting people, such as the Continental employees, who are working hard every day to do a good job, but instead wild, uncontrolled anger, bitter screeds, and false accusations and information. Welcome to the new wild west of information.

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