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Whole Foods blogging problems–the bird comes home to roost

July 16, 2007

I commented earlier (June 26) about Whole Foods and CEO John Mackey’s use of his CEO blog to attack the regulators who were taking a little less optimistic view of the proposed merger with Wild Oats than what Mackey thought appropriate. Here’s what I wrote about this clash of cultures:

What makes this interesting is again the intersection of blogging–in this case CEO blogging–on the business environment. And the clash of cultures that exist. Government regulators want you to play nice with them or else they will use the only power they really have–the power to say “no”–against you. Get pissy with them and they have ways of getting back.

Well, it looks like they found an even stronger way of getting at Mr. Mackey. Now apparently the SEC is investigating Mr. Mackey to see if he violated the law when he blogged under a pseudonym. This revelation about blogging under a different name is causing problems for him in both the blog world and the regulatory world. He violated the first principle of blogging–transparency. And, now they are looking to see if he also violated the Regulation Fair Disclosure law.

Suddenly, a CEO blogging hero, known for his openness, outspokenness and being in tune with the blog culture may be fighting for his job–and some of it for the very reasons that made him a blog hero. Hmmm, a clash of cultures can get ugly.


New technologies emerging faster than grandchildren

July 16, 2007

My fifth grandchild arrived this weekend. A beautiful girl named Eva Katherine–great job Geoff and Amy! Amy went into labor during my nephew’s wedding and Geoff was supposed to be a groomsman for his cousin–he got through the pictures but got called to the hospital two hours before the wedding started. We were text messaging him like crazy during the wedding and the reception to get updates on progress. He got tired of responding to everyone’s text messages so he set up a twitter site. With that, he just text messaged his updates once which went to a website that everyone could access. Use your cell phone to distribute content via a site or RSS feeds.

Just one more example of the rapidly expanding options for communicators to distribute urgent and critical information.

Here’s another change: iphone makes using the web realistic on a phone-sized computer. That’s what it is, really. A computer in your pocket that also works as a phone. But the implications for communication management when you use a web-based platform are critical. Now, vital communication functions can be managed from your phone. Content creation, editing, approvals, distribution, interactive response management, reporting, media monitoring, etc–all done from your phone.

This world keeps changing–faster than a new baby messes her diaper.