I never thought the Emmy’s were such a big deal…until now.

July 19, 2007

Wow, I look at all the news coverage and all the buzz and all the excitement and I see what a big thing these Emmy’s are. Imagine then how I feel as the father of an Emmy-nominated cinematographer. Yes, our son Chris, who I have blogged about before regarding his great work for the A&E show Intervention, has been nominated for an Emmy for outstanding cinematography for primetime reality television. The episode that was nominated, “Sylvia” was shot by him and he subsequently has been named Director of Photography for the series.

Chris, this is a dream come true. I’m so proud of you–not just for the great work you do, but for the personal mission and desire to change and improve the world that you embody in your work.


3 Responses to “I never thought the Emmy’s were such a big deal…until now.”

  1. csbaron Says:

    Thanks, Dad

  2. Dale Traber Says:

    I watched one of those shows and was glued to it until the end.
    My kids gathered around as well and we were all pulling for the guy.
    It was amazing!
    Chris, I would love to meet you some day and hear more about what you are doing.
    Dale Traber

  3. Robert K. Lanier Says:

    This show (series) should win. But, win or lose, you are truly opening a lot of eyes and making a difference.

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