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OK, I’m proud and I admit it–Chris and Intervention Emmy Nomination

July 25, 2007

This is strictly personal, but it’s great fun these days to tell the world that I am indeed the father of Emmy-nominated cinematographer Chris Baron, who just won a Primetime Emmy nomination for his work on the A&E show “Intervention.” Here is the news story from the local, hometown newspaper, the Lynden Tribune.


Virginia Tech’s webmaster Michael Dame explains power of the web in a crisis

July 25, 2007

Since I’ve only been preaching this message for about 8 years, it is great to see some verification from a high profile event. Virginia Tech’s communication effort is now seen as very successful, in large part due to its use of its website for rapid information distribution. This article details some of the important specifics about traffic as well as information gathering, vetting and approval processes.

What amazes me is the comment at the very end: At the end of the presentation, Mr. Dame got a standing ovation. In the crowd, there seemed to be general amazement that staff members at Virginia Tech had been able to organize and disseminate information as well as they did. One audience member was overheard saying: “On our campus, you ask who handles the Web site, and nobody knows.”

It is a sad but true fact that too many communicators at large organizations with much at stake have no ability to fully command the most important communication tools they need when they need them. I would quit any communication job that gave me such responsibility without the requisite authority. It is that important.