Great ideas about public sector communication from New Zealand

July 30, 2007

Chuck Wolf of Media Consultants in Houston shared with me this blog post about public sector blogging from New Zealand.

It not only gives some great basic advice about blogging, RSS feeds, linking etc., it also makes an interesting suggestion about using blogs as a crisis dark site. In other words, pre-populate a blog with information you would need in a crisis and then make it public when you need it. It’s a great suggestion and shows the growing awareness of the need for preparing in advance with appropriate web technology if you are going to be able to respond quickly enough when it hits the fan.

I also found interesting other content on this blog including the 10 Principles for public sector social media. In the world of the internet and how it is changing public information, things seem to happen slowly at the speed of light. But, more and more communicators and elected officials in public agencies are waking up to the new world of communication that requires speed, direct access, interactivity and unprecedented levels of authenticity and transparency.

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