Calling all senior bloggers–speaking opportunity

August 22, 2007

 In November I will be co-hosting along with Tod Lyons a session at the Clean Gulf Conference in Tampa. This conference is for oil spill response professionals including senior oil industry managers, response organizations, government officials involved in response, etc. Tod and my session is a four hour session in which we will try to bridge the gap between the media and response leaders in understanding how a major oil spill event will be covered by traditional and new media. Frankly, most senior leaders in these organizations are not too well tuned into new media (actually, not that much into traditional media either), so adding a strong element of new media coverage should be entertaining, enlightening and we think, potentially revolutionary.

We have lined up a pretty good group of reporters as well as some high level communicators with tons of experience in dealing with this kind of incident. But, we really need a top notch blogger to serve on the panel. All travel expenses paid, plus all conference fees. Possibility of a small honorarium but that and the amount is not certain yet. It would be a great learning experience, plus a great opportunity to promote a blog and blog expertise to a good group of response leaders.

If you are interested in finding out more about this, I encourage you to contact my associate Ryan Pemberton at Baron&Company, at or call at 360-671-8708, ext. 205.

In his searches for an appropriate blogger to represent new media coverage, Ryan came across this blog about CEO blogging which I am going to add to my blogroll.  I loved the story about the fake Steve Jobs blog.

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