The beginning of the end of blogging?

October 1, 2007

I read on the flight over to Irvine (where I am pleasantly sitting in the sunshine at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf) that 200 million bloggers had quit. Wow. The most I heard were blogging was about 70 million. But I guess it makes sense. After all, when I first got the blogging bug about a year and a half ago, I launched about five different blogs. Now, this is is the only one that gets any regular attention–and even that has been sketchy lately with all the traveling I’ve had to do. So maybe those four I abandoned make up part of that huge number. I also know that almost all of my family members blog but that the bloom is off the rose a bit and while none have stopped, the frequency of posts has definitely gone down.

The article I read commented that one blogger had given up her blogging life to focus on a book project. I’m guessing it is at least as hard to develop a solid readership for a book (assuming you have the good fortune of getting it published without being a big name already) as it is to build a sizeable blog audience.

So, does this mean it was all a fad? That it is bound to go the route of pet rocks and fedoras? Personally, I doubt it. I’m guess it is more like Starbucks. Being from the Seattle area, I watched this little upstart start selling cups of ridiculously intense, tiny and outrageously expensive coffee. Suddenly, little drive-in espresso places starting popping up all over.  I heard about one not far from home that made a lot more money than the grocery store in whose parking lot it sat. And I said: Fad! This will pass. These crazy people won’t keep paying crazy amounts for a cup of caffeine. I was wrong. My taste changed and I’m sitting here at Coffee Bean because I walked around for a while and couldn’t find a Starbucks. And that is amazing considering that they are everywhere!

I’m certain that when a lot of coffee fiends first discovered the glories of espresso and their own special fancy drink, they probably went crazy and got one every day or maybe even a few a day. Then they settled down to perhaps two or three a week. But, their life changed, their habits changed, their taste changed, new social patterns emerged, new ways to enjoy life emerged. And it won’t go away until someone out Starbucks Starbucks.

Blogging is here to stay–in ever changing and creative ways. Not everyone will hang in there and keep posting, but the change is permanent. Ain’t no going back.

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