Vancouver Taser Death–trouble for RCMP

November 26, 2007

The death of a Polish immigrant who arrived in Canada, fought the bureaucracy for ten hours and then was tasered to death, is causing the RCMP some real problems. See how I wrote that lead? Is that sympathetic to the victim? Then read the news accounts like this from the Globe and Mail.

Who knows what the real story is. Video on YouTube helps tell the story. Clearly you have a very disturbed and upset young Polish man. The biggest problem for police is their version of events is inconsistent. The investigative report is due out today.


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  1. Gerald,

    I find this case intriguing. I am viewing it from the perspective of both a student of communication and a concerned citizen.

    To me, this appears to be a “perfect storm” in the sense of how communication was handled. For instance, an RCMP spokesperson shortly after the incident said “100%, there were 3 officers handling the situation” when, in fact, the video shows 4. Moreover, the police initially confiscated the video and refused to return it. Only when the person taking the video threatened to sue did they give it back.

    This, coupled with Canada Border Services’ refusal to say *anything* and a confusion between the Ministry of Public Safety in Ottawa and the offices in Vancouver only add to this. Today, they released their report, but even this was marred by some guy stepping in during the press conference to announce they would only take 5 questions. A yelling match with the angry media ensued; this made the evening news.

    Recently, there have been protests and a very vocal protest group has formed to fill the communications void. The videographer has been given hero status by the demonstrators and many of these rallies feature impassioned, emotionally-charged speeches.

    As a concerned citizen, I think much could have been done by the police, the Airport and Border Services to get their message out early, properly, and in a better light. By stonewalling and not providing answers the public want, some of us here on the west coast–and in Canada–have lost trust we previously had in these institutions.

  2. Johnny Says:

    Shame on the RCMP of Canada, they have escaped responsibility again from a shoddy inquiry. Today Dec 12th, the ruling had come down the pipe that aquitted the RCMP officers who used a taser 5 times against the Polish immigrant who died at their hand. Blood is on the hands of the RCMP! You killed a man that day, you killed an innocent man for wielding a stapler!
    Shame on you, we know there is no god, b/c if there were you would pay!!
    You killed an innocent man, you killed a man! may your lives live with guilt until you die! Your a bunch of gangsters hiding behind a badge, you are not above any law. What if that was tyour relative from another country, unable to speak the language. I hope people wake up and protest, those responsible should pay.
    Canada is becoming a police state, Canadians wake up fast, b/c our rights are quickly disappearing.

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