The world is more wired than ever

December 28, 2007

Almost every time I speak at a conference, there seems to be a discussion about how much activity is really going on online versus with mainstream media. Of course, it is a key point to us because we are trying to help people in PR and crisis management in particular understand that the world has dramatically changed and the old media-centric and media-first strategies don’t necessarily apply.

There are a lot of heads sticking in the sand over these issues. But, then there are some reverse trends as well. For example, I heard someone say that 200 million bloggers had quit. Not sure about that, but no doubt the majority of those who started blogging haven’t kept up with it on a consistent basis. Yet, new blogs emerge all the time as well.

Here’s a new story about the continued growth of wired activity including some surprising (to me anyway) stats about use of cell phones for entertainment, viewing tv shows online, and other things that I don’t do.

From the Hollywood Reporter.

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