Happy New Year everyone

January 1, 2008

I don’t have any prognostications (at this time anyway) nor any new year’s resolutions or any of that normal stuff. Just want to wish everyone a happy new year Last night we were having dinner with some good friends and there was a candle burning on the restaurant table in front of us. We were talking a little about 2007 and some of the challenges and stress that we had experienced. Someone suggested, not sure if was me or Duane, that we should just dump all of our issues, sorrows, disappointments of 2007 into that little fire and watch them burn away. And we did that. Not that 2007 was a bad year at all. In many respects it was an amazingly wonderful year. More grandchildren arriving and announced (our 6th is due in May!). Good health and happiness enjoyed by most everyone in our family including extended families. Prosperity certainly beyond anything we could dream, ask, expect or deserve. Peace and joy including in most of our relationships for most of the time. So much goodness really. Yet, it felt remarkably good to simply let go of those things that on reflection caused anxiety, worry, distress and unhappiness. Perhaps a new old year’s tradition was started. Burn up the past. I commented on the ride home that while we burned up the ugliness of 2007, all the good things–the memories, the learnings, the experiences, the joys–these stay with us and will forever.

It reminded me of a saying I saw not long ago that I really liked: forgiveness is the decision to not let the past take anything away from your future. Goodbye 2007–you are forgiven. Hello 2008.

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