John “Pat” Philbin, former FEMA comm chief, now Senior VP at PIER Systems

January 17, 2008

The news is now out. John “Pat” Philbin, the head of External Affairs for FEMA who took the blame for the FEMA so-called “fake news conference” has a new job. He is now Senior VP for PIER Systems and he reports directly to me, the founder and CEO of PIER.

Here is the press release.

I will simply reiterate what I said in the release. We have known Pat for some time. From my very first post on this topic on this blog, I expressed doubts about the media coverage of the story based on what we knew of Pat. Numerous conversations with him since then confirmed my sense that he exhibited great integrity in accepting responsibility for the mistakes of others while not ducking his own mistakes. But the real story is one of media “infotainment” and spinning an event in such a way to make it look devious, contrived and manipulative while at the same time seeing that Washington politics is something where people look to throw whoever they can under the bus in order to protect their own reputations. It is a dangerous world for a communicator at that level to operate in and holds many lessons for communicators at all levels.


4 Responses to “John “Pat” Philbin, former FEMA comm chief, now Senior VP at PIER Systems”

  1. Dale Traber Says:

    From my vantage point, you have made an excellent choice!
    I listened to Pat’s interview with Kami Huyse and felt for his situation. He has being scarred with ‘media war wounds’; which will serve him well in his position at PIER.
    All the best to both of you!

  2. Pat Philbin Says:


    Thanks for your comment. I am absolutely thrilled to be working for Gerald and PIER Systems!

    Best regards,


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